About Us

Pen Culture is a collaboration of the industry’s brightest minds, an innovative team of top publishers, bestselling writers, experienced editors, accomplished designers and marketing professionals. Pen Culture Solutions laid its foundations in 2019, but we have been working in the publishing industry for more than 15 years. Being headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, and having offices in Australia we have a global reach that’s good enough to spread your work to audiences in major parts of the world. Our company is comprised of dedicated teams committed to supporting writers in any step of the writing and marketing process. We carry out the goals of our authors to print their masterpiece independently and to promote it widely across the globe. We also give you the amazing opportunity to partner with us – If our team of professionals like your material, we will co-publish, market and distribute your book to audiences worldwide.

Boost your sales with our exclusive marketing & distribution services

We have partnered with top retailers, wholesalers, distributors and some of the biggest names in the business, to get your book to a huge audience. And the best part – a lot of sales. Through Pen Culture Solutions, we want to create a platform for both new and experienced authors to highlight their literary skills through self-publishing, with our core group support throughout the publishing and marketing process. We want to provide all the ambitious authors out there an opportunity to self-publish their books so they can have the freedom to earn and publish according to their own will.


Crafting wonderful books for authors around the world is at the heart of everything here at Pen Culture Solutions. We want to change the way books are published by giving authors and publishers the freedom to fully maximize their book’s potential and access to talented professionals, powerful tools and a huge marketing platform.


Being able to sell your printed books in stores is good, but being able to sell them in the world’s largest bookstores is any writer’s aspiration. And that’s what we aim to deliver with our creative book delivery systems. We want every author, no matter where they are located in the world, to fulfill their dream of becoming the best-selling author around the globe.

Service Questions

Yes definitely. You will earn a royalty amount ranging between 70-90% of the total sales of your book depending upon the type of agreement you sign with Pen Culture.

We will be paying your royalty amount through PayPal or via an electronic funds transfer (EFT) directly in your bank or given account.

The normal turnaround time for your book to be published is around 3-4 months but our team works fast. As long as the authors are responsive, we mostly get the job done in 1-2 months.

Technique Questions

We give all authors the freedom to set a price on their books. The pricing can be finalized once the book’s final page count and print costs are determined. 

We will sell and market your book through a diverse network of distributors, leading book chains and more than 38000 online channels worldwide.

Yes of course. The author will maintain 100% rights to their books. Your rights will be safely secured through a non-exclusive contract.

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