A manual on exposure in photography


Ceriel van Arneman A Manual on Exposure in Photography is an award-winning author, with a vast amount of knowledge in the field of exposure in photography. Ceriel studies the mechanisms and applications of reflex and compact cameras through numerous images and detailed descriptions. Utilizing colorful photographs that showcase a variety of effects, Ceriel explicitly states how photographers achieve different techniques. Moreover, he explains how to resolve numerous mishaps that may complicate a photographer’s shot. There are many people interested in photography. It is their passion, a hobby, and or a form of relaxation. This book guides these people to enjoy the result the most. Ceriel provides information gleaned from the exposure to what he has learned from years of practice, and he decided to share this knowledge through this book. This portrait photography is still attractive to a select few waiting to explore a deeper element of photography as an art form. A Manual on Exposure in photography will have every reader feeling confident and qualified to capture incredible scenes of their surroundings in no time.

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Arneman, Ceriel van


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