ANADI A Book about Eternal Love for Moms and Kids of All Ages


This beautifully written picture book reads like a melodic poem from start to finish, with each heartwarming page, inviting the reader to take a tender pause. Mothers can especially relate to the author’s sentiments, but it is truly a timeless book for readers of all ages, to be read and re-experienced for years and years to come. While one can enjoy it as a simple, uplifting story for kids, it can also engage more deeply- as it touches on profound wisdom and fundamental truths despite its minimalist presentation. Within its 51 pages, there is a reminder of our sweet innocence, our infinite possibilities, the gifts we are meant to receive, and the love that is in us and is all of us.

KINDLE: $7.99 – PAPERBACK: $13.99- HARDCOVER: $21.99




Every day, Julie is inspired by her son, Anadi, to be brave and loving, to create freely, to laugh, and always to play.

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