Can’t You See It?


Can’t You See It? Charles Pendleton and Simone duPont seek, but don’t always see. Simone seeks love; Charles seeks a way to feel settled and be satisfied. Neither see that love and security is right before them until it is taken away. Things become visible in the dark moments of deception: things that were once overlooked; things once taken for granted; things driven by greed and ambition. Out of the darkness, like a sunrise and a second chance to refocus, Pendleton and duPont change their perspectives and see, feel, believe, and experience things for what they are. This inspirational, dramatic, adventurous love story blends elements of career, life, loss, and recovery, and shares a clear and insightful message through the eyes of a man, woman, their friends and their families and a year of life opportunities in France, Italy, England and North America.

KINDLE: $4.20 – PAPERBACK: $4.2 – HARDCOVER: $18.99




Averso, Alan


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