When The Moon Was Blood


When The Moon Was Blood




More than a mile away and turning, a silvery shadow momentarily etched against the rising sun, the Zero was readying for a return, the beat of its radial engine drumming across the water as it prepared for another strafing run. And with all options seemingly exhausted Dawber knew that this time there would be no escaping the certain death spitting from its wing mounted machine guns…

The Pacific. August 1942. As a Special Forces “Z” team desperately try to escape a Japanese ambush and reach the relative safety of Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea, a drama of a different kind is playing out at the Australian Army’s military HQ in Townsville. A well placed spy is feeding vital information to the enemy jeopardising every mission behind enemy lines as the threatened invasion of Australia looms large. As part of a desperate attempt to put the marauding Imperial Japanese Forces on the wrong track and hopefully in the process unmask the traitor known as The Bird, Mick Dawber and his small team of irregulars are sent back into the impenetrable jungle on one last mission and this time the stakes are higher than ever before. For Mick has been lied to, set up, by his own side in the dirtiest game of all. But then, when it comes to playing dirty, Mick, Preacher and Face wrote the book. Failure was not an option. Not when revenge was the name of the game.

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Growing up in apartheid-era South Africa Eben Beukes experienced at first hand the turbulent transition period of that country to a modern democracy. A University of Stellenbosch graduate he worked as a young surgeon in several of the country’s “black hospitals” after completing his compulsory military service in the SADF.

In later years he worked as a surgeon at a large military hospital in Saudi Arabia, two years in New Zealand and for the five years leading up to 2006 was a senior surgeon at the Armed Forces Hospital in Kuwait City, the base hospital at the start of the Iraq War in 2003.

His experience during the six weeks war led to the publication of Pockets of Resistance documenting the often farcical and always chaotic inner workings of a large military hospital with Americans and Arabs reluctantly rubbing shoulders while in the throes of a hot war. A total of seven years in the Middle East provided the background for both The Mask of Louka (Saudi Arabia) and its sequel, Devil’s Tumble, both featuring British educated Kuwaiti detective, Riad Ajmi.

Earlier novels were political thrillers set against the background of a newly democratic South Africa. These feature Harry Dance in the Shadows of a Rainbow trilogy: The Cherry Red Shadow, The Lily White Shadow and the recently published The Blue Ice Shadow.
Other novels include Any Way the Wind Blows, a noir detective novel as well as A Straitlaced Man.
Eben Beukes lives in Australia.


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