The Escort Service And You Think You Know Your Neighbor


Rick and Holly Lewis looked like your typical neighbors. One day while Rick was out on a job interview he was approached by a lady that asked,’ How much will it cost me for a little time with you.” Rick had bills to pay and a family to take care of so he stated, “Five hundred dollars”. From that moment on he knew there was no turning back.

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Carletta was born in 1956 to the parents of Robert and Audrennie Spencer in the state of Indiana. She graduated from West Side High school and went on to study nursing at Purdue University Northwest-Westville Indiana. She is married and has four children. She retired from the Los Angeles Unified School District in 2019 and decider to further herself in the field of writing. She has always enjoyed writing and with the push of her husband, she decided to write
her first novel.


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