Keep Going


This book is designed to pick You up and put You in the place where You are meant to be. This book is about Self Belief and Self Empowerment. You are much more than You believe Yourself to be and Rob, who has been through horrendous mental illness is the person who can help You. He shares his difficulties to inspire You to never give up, no matter what and to KEEP GOING because You are Fabulous and Precious whether You know it or not. This book is also about the hobby of Amateur Radio which has given Rob enjoyment and a certain degree of peace of mind like nothing else could during his turbulent and dark days. His Amateur Radio Website can been seen at

E-book: $9.99  Hardcover: $14.99 Paperback: $9.99




Rob Norman, VK5SW became interested in the hobby of Amateur Radio while in high school. Despite severe mental illness at the time, he became fully licensed at the age of 19 and has been an Amateur Radio Operator for over 50 years and although living 100 miles away from his Australian Bush Block in the Country, he nowadays controls his Solar Powered Amateur Radio Station there remotely via the Internet, although presently the system suffers from a Server problem. His creativity and helpful Amateur Radio Information can be seen on his Website at This Amateur Radio Website includes over 20 Amateur Radio Links which Rob has created. His books which
are available in both Amazon Paperback and Kindle versions Worldwide will also inspire You.

Over the last 10 years or so, Rob has created over 150 videos and music slideshows which cover a wide range of topics but are all designed to uplift You. These are best viewed on Your Smart TV by going to ‘ You tube ‘ and searching ‘ VK5SW.’ The World is in turmoil, but Amateur Radio is always a constant source of pleasure and his You tube videos and music slideshows may enable You to feel good too.


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