Wise Words In Quotes And Verses


A short saying can contain profound wisdom. A good quote often has a good play of words and is short and crisp. More important, it should be inspirational and rich in wisdom and one which you can draw upon as you move on in life. If you like quotes, you will also like the uplifting verses collected in this book inspirational quotes and verses have been carefully selected for their potential impact on one’s thought and life.

There are several unfamiliar, but remarkable, ones. It is hoped that this collection will be a useful companion that you can turn to for solace, encouragement, a change of perspective, or just for a laugh, or to pick a quote or verse to share with someone.

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Wei is from Singapore. An ardent quote lover, he likes to collect quotes and verses that are meaningful, catchy or witty. In this book, he shared the best of the best from his collection. Wei holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from the National University of Singapore.


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