Four Kinds of Sanctification


The writers of the Old Testament uses SANCTIFY in various forms one-hundred and six times. However, the Gospel speaks of sanctification thirty-one separate occasions. The message denotes consecration in both Books. In layman’s terms, consecrate is birth out of setting-apart or the condition to prearrange. Therefore, the definition shows classification in matters of position and relationship before God, and unrighteousness. Apostle Bingham is articulating a general interpretation of salvation. A more specific explanation is forthcoming.

Holiness, in diverse forms appears over four hundred times in the Old Testament and twelve in the Gospels. Less mention in the New Covenant has no significant, because devoutness and righteousness carries the same idea as SANCTIFY. God in the Body of Jesus Christ is Divine, harmless, undefiled, and separate from iniquity. As a result, His fundamental nature is righteous sanctification. Though, important to understand that each time Holy and Sanctify appear in the Bible they do not suggest saint-ship.

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Apostle William H. Bingham born in 1950 but received his second transformation of soul change in 1977. He and Pastor Ella Bingham celebrated thirty-two-years of marriage in 2015. They are honored parents of eight children and a host of grandchildren. He has traveled throughout the country ministering The Holy Scriptures to many denominations. THE LORD empowered him with the vision: Kingdom Minded for Kingdom Living to elevate His people to a higher calling. Then educate them on how they must energetically witness for the Kingdom of God. He knew there was a need for more Biblical training in his life, so he enrolled at Grace University in Omaha, Nebraska in 1981. Apostle Bingham studied with Grace, three and a half years until accepting Senior Pastor Position, at Perpetual Life Christian Ministries St. Louis, Missouri.
Therefore, he enrolled the Glad Tidings Bible College, where he finished his Undergraduate, and Graduate studies in 1992. In 2002, they ordained as Bishop, by Archbishop Joe Cephus Bingham under the Diocese of Perpetual Tidings. In 2012, his calling reached another pinnacle: Apostle H L Skip Horton ordained him to the office of Apostle.


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