Born With A Broken Heart


In June 2022 I took a trip to Europe with a friend. It was my first time in Italy/Greece and at the time I was in a very unhappy, dead end, relationship. Unsuspectingly, by July, I was falling in love with an Albanian boy I met in Rome, (while still in my unhealthy partnership). By the time I returned home from my trip, I knew I had to end it for good, despite several attempts, numerous fights and breakups beforehand. I felt stuck and destined to a love life of misery and abuse. Before my 28th birthday on July 15th I ended the dysfunction for once and for all and have stayed out of that toxic, on again off again relationship for good. It was probably one of the best, most liberating decisions I made in my life up until that point.This book is a collection of thoughts and realizations I’ve reflected on over the past year. From falling in love in Europe, to getting out of a soul sucking relationship, to having my heart shattered from said long distance situationship, I share poems and excerpts from my broken, healing heart to yours. The last 360 days since I started writing this, my life looks drastically different from any period of time prior. I’ve since made the decision to also leave my monotonous, unfulfilling 9-5 job and quit living the stereotypical, meaningless and unrewarding mold expected by most Americans. Work a job you hate, get married and have kids by 30, grind out a passionless existence just so one day, hopefully,  you get a pension and retire comfortably. Although my life looks incredibly different than how I pictured, I can honestly say although unconventional, my life is now filled with adventure, excitement, joy, magic and a hell of a lot of freedom, connection and wonder. I continue to learn the hard way, but I don’t want to call it mistakes because they all turn into humble lessons and opportunities for personal growth.I thank you so much for being open to reading my writings and prose, little bits and pieces of memories and stories along my journey. Completely lost, I solo traveled to 6 different countries looking to find something beautiful I eventually saw within myself all along.; independence, wisdom and trust. Born with a broken heart is a story of courage and hope and my wish is to also inspire you to be brave, take a leap of faith and know that no matter where you go, you always have a home to return to, inside yourself.

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Lauren Colletti is an all-but dissertation doctoral candidate. She holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in psychology and is passionate about both learning and speaking about human behavior, emotional wellness, and mental health. Lauren has published 5 poetry books and plans to move on to autobiographical self-help and non-fiction genres. She has recently voyaged to 6 different countries in 6 months and enjoys meditating, content creation, taking Spanish lessons, and solo travel. Lauren hosts a podcast, Waking Up, and runs a blog where she shares personal reflections, motivating stories, and memoirs of her journies. Lauren is a yoga instructor, and reiki practitioner moving abroad to Spain to pursue a life in Europe. Her goal is to be a full-time author, clinical psychologist, and digital nomad. Lauren is a vegetarian, cat fanatic born and raised in New York. Above all else, as a trauma survivor, writing has helped her recover. She hopes to inspire and help others heal with her authenticity and truth.


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