Descending the Spiral Staircase


Descending the Spiral Staircase is a vision I encountered during a dream. This is how a simple construction task turns into a murder investigation, stolen bank money, buried storage shed, hidden tunnel, reconstruction of an unused area to a very usable space. John and Marie are the homeowners, one more vision which changes the lives of many people. Open house grand event, brings concern to the family’s safety, nosey neighbor, leak to the press about the bank reward, all of this puts many agencies on full alert. The remodeling magazine wants to film the entire event; police and FBI scan guest photos, looking for unwanted guests. This is not your typical construction project, many twists and turns to the finale. You will tear up and laugh as the characters evolve. This book is inspired through visions and past experiences in the landscape business. I hope you enjoy reading.

E-book: $5.99 Paperback: $12.99




HF Beaumont has over forty-five years in the landscape industry, business owner, landscape designer, sold insurance, pumped gas, grocery clerk, drafted into the USMC during the Vietnam war as an office clerk, college educated majored in Ornamental Horticulture. Wrote numerous correspondence to governmental agencies, landscape architects, building architects, project managed multi million dollar projects, estimated very large projects, conventionion centers, shopping malls, housing tracts, industrial complexes through out my career. Even landscape three projects for Disneyland in Anaheim. This book has my experiences mingled the other facets of the book, I hope you enjoy this book


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