Diary of My Sheepy Adventures

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Have a peek in The Diary of David the Sheep, there he shares his thrilling ‘sheepy’ adventures…David is an ordinary boy just like anyone. On one ordinary day, he became so ‘sheepy’ that he couldn’t recognise himself. He soon discovered what it was like to be a sheep in his shepherd’s care. Join David and his newfound animal friends – Lily the sheep, Gail the giraffe, Evan the elephant, Carl the camel and many more – through dangers, thrills and fun, and to be an eye witness of some glorious moments in the wonderland of faith, love and hope.

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Louise Lee is an entrepreneur, a writer and a teacher. Her passion is to travel in time and space to speak to children through written words. Her ‘little girl’ inside is always up for new adventures. She loves to share everything she learnt and encountered while growing up with her favourable group of ‘little people’ on earth.

1 review for Diary of My Sheepy Adventures

  1. Dindo

    A perfect read for children with biblical insights.

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