Do Your Best


If a hero is someone who never gives up even when the going gets rough and who loves playing the game of life through it all, Negus is a superhero.

Despite his young age, Negus knew a lot about embracing courage and embodying perseverance.

The messages from Negus in these pages are profound and the impact of existence and his essence is life-changing.

This book is a timely triumph and tribute to a young boy who demonstrates and encourages each of us to unleash our superhero within.

—Rita Hyland (Transformational Leadership and Life Strategist)

Share Negus Kloehn’s story of how he overcame many obstacles presented to him daily. Growing up in a remote area of Africa, Gambella, Ethiopia, Negus learned to live off the land, raised his younger brother and sister, and never gave up. Negus’s early years illustrate living in a one-room hut with no water or electricity. Yet he found one love, playing soccer. Negus explains how in Africa it is common to make balls out of plastic bags and twine, and there are no nets, rather they mark boundaries with stones. Early on, Negus wanted to change this to play more soccer. Understand how his grandmother’s extreme actions changed the course of his life forever.

Negus and sister, Elilta, went to two orphanages and were adopted by a single woman. Travel to America for the first time with Negus and learn how he navigated early on in Vail, Colorado. Step into his life as he becomes a strong confident athlete who continues his love of soccer and is taught rules of the game from all coaches.

As Negus’s story unfolds, experience what it feels like to have a medical condition you cannot control, yet it controls you. As Negus struggles with epilepsy, he breaks down many stereotypes and is able to play sports and turn his epilepsy into an interesting dilemma which supports his new view of handling any obstacle thrown his way.

Negus has a dream which he again shared two weeks before his death. He wants to become a professional soccer player and distribute nets and balls to Africa. Negus’s dream lives on through his nonprofit organization, Save the Ball, Soccer for Africa, Inc.

Negus will show you how the saying he said often can be a part of your vocabulary too: “Do Your Best!”

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Patricia Kloehn wrote this book to honor the life of her son, Negus Kloehn, who suffered from epilepsy and died from this condition unexpectedly. Patricia feels the presence and contact of Negus quite often and believes he, in large part, channeled this book through her to make his story known and lend a helping hand from above. Patricia lives in Vail, Colorado, with her family, Cass, Elilta, Vizsla Brownie and horse Sox. She is also a well-known public speaker for corporations, health-care systems, schools, and sports events. Patricia has established a nonprofit organization, Save the Ball Soccer for Africa Inc., to enable Negus’s vision of supplying soccer balls and nets to impoverished areas of Africa become a reality. To pursue this goal, annual 3v3 soccer tournaments to honor Negus take place in Vail, Colorado, during the summer/fall months, “The Negus Kloehn 3v3 Memorial Soccer Tournament, Save the Ball Soccer for Africa.”

Patricia adopted two children from Ethiopia, Negus and Elilta, and has adopted another child from Malawi, Africa named Feston Ralph Kloehn in 2022. As a young child, Patricia spent a year in Kenya as her father, Ralph Kloehn, MD, was a physician with the Flying Doctors of East Africa. Watching her dad perform such service to impoverished people of strength and grace has left a strong tie and unconditional love to the African people.


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