Enjoy The Journey with Purpose not the Destination


This book explores some of the aspects of life why many of the high achievers and superagers have such a strong Primo Vascular System (PVS). PVS is the electromagnetic energy of communication among the organs of the body both internally and externally. The mind and heart are the most important organs. Experience is the best teacher allowing me to share and enjoy the journey towards each element of a life of abundance. The journey of life for many of us resembles a curly river with many turns creating turbulence. Navigating these turns orderly provides many challenges. The mind is like water, when it’s turbulent, it is difficult to see clearly. Most people fail to manage these challenges well and they live a life of scarcity and lack.

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I share some of the drives enjoyed by these superagers allowing the strong PVS to flow freely resulting in enhancing my drives like aliveness, connectedness, growth and full potential to develop. Managing these challenges well allowed me to enjoy the journey towards financial freedom, connectedness, happiness, being fit and healthy with purpose. Overcoming these challenges help to unfold discoveries, creativity and excellence in whatever things I do. The moment of smooth flow in the journey of life, things became clear to me to embrace the road less traveled. What is this path of growth less traveled? Mastering the three basics: thinking, speaking and writing became my top priority during my student’s days. The foundation of learning and a life of abundance was laid to allow me to enjoy each path of life with purpose. The continuous use of the mastery also allows me to be an effective teacher, administrator, writer and investor. This amazing energy seems to overflow into productivity allowing the growth of my productivity mindset to continue. Writing mathematics textbooks was my creativity during my teaching days and now in retirement, this series of motivational books on the theme “Live an Abundant Life” becomes alive. This book is the fourth of the series to help you not only be aware of your PVS but also use it to help you to enjoy a life of abundance with purpose. Living a life of purpose adds fuel to your productivity mindset to appreciate each challenge of life for discovery, creativity and excellence. Embracing a healthy lifestyle like gardening and being active in games or activities can add years of healthy longevity. Embracing gratitude and love can be your catalyst for happiness. Most importantly is to enjoy your journey with purpose not the destination.



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