Enjoying Productivity Mindset and Healthy Longevity

Author: Sin Mong Wong


About The Book:

“Enjoying Productivity Mindset and Healthy Longevity Mindset”.


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Author: Sin Mong Wong

About The Book:

“Enjoying Productivity Mindset and Healthy Longevity Mindset”.

Many People mentioned in Chapter One

and others are very successful in their respective

fields go about doing their works differently and productively.

They are in their eighties, nineties and even centenarians.

They are still enjoying their life and live with a purpose. T

heir eyes are still sharp; they look younger and still with robust muscle mass.

Even the unseen organs are working and functioning well.

Their hearts are strong; their kidneys are in top shape;

they even exhibit a more youthful sense of curiosity and a higher risk

of tolerance. They have sharp memory, a boatload of fresh, invigorating

energy and even a slimmer and more attractive bodies. T

hey are active and healthy carrying out their responsibilities.

Do they have a common denominator to help them living a productive life

and enjoy their healthy longevity?

My research into their lifestyle, their beliefs and their philosophy of

life together with my own experiences, reveal that they have a common

denominator I share. What is this common denominator?

This common denominator I share with them is the productivity mindset.

This mindset is the driving force for many of us to be productive,

happy and live a life of abundance, enjoying healthy longevity.

All of us are master of our own life.

We have control over our brains and health.

We live a healthy life with great productivity.

Everything from consciousness to matter are energy.

Our thoughts and mindset are also a form of energy.

The influence and power of a productivity mindset is due to

the power energy emitted by such a mindset.

This powerful energy source is helping all of us to live with vitality,

productivity, happiness, keeping us fit and healthy to enjoy healthy longevity.

Consequently, all of us enjoy a life of abundance.


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