Existence: An Odyssey Through the Sea of Infatuation, Love and the Grander Things


This book, was inspired by the emergent, unexpected love and romance that the author found himself in which brought to life again all the vivid colours of life.Spurred on by the whirl and rush of emotions he found himself in Raleigh Chiwuta took his now, near mastery of his writing style to explore the phenomenon of life through love poems.In this book you will find an exclusive and exquisite collection of love poems reflecting on life and pointing to many various aspects of human existence all written through a lens of love as the central concept.It is a near masterful ability to create and recreate a myriad themes, all around love. The greatest miracle is that this collection of over a hundred poems was written or amassed within a month or just over. This expresses the passion, intensity and intention with which he writes.Ultimately Raleigh Chiwuta believes the only redemptive pathway for humanity is love. A grander and deeper appreciation of collective love. An ascended consciousness about who and what we are as humans on this planet. Furthermore, the timing couldn’t be any more appropriate or urgent with all the tensions in the world across the spectrum. Too many to count.Love is the answer and here are over a hundred points of reflection.

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Raleigh Chiwuta is a writer and poet who has been writing exploratively since the age of twenty-one. His work is very philosophical in nature, and he is always pondering the big and deeper questions of human existence.¬†Never one to shy away from what needs to be discussed. He wades his way into ideas such as peace, love, war, hatred, the purpose of life. His greatest skill with his writing is perhaps to never dictate but suggest in the knowing that in the end you can’t force a point of view onto someone. Otherwise in the end you’re being that which you say you are standing against.


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