Guardians Of Time


This is a continuation of Time Machine Emergency and is a Sequel.

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After finding their way to a utopia in Time Machine Emergency, new developments come on the horizon. The other countries of the world develop their own weapons shutdown system and attack the United American Republics. This sends the time travelers into the past again because their present country is being overrun.



Stopping in the 1500s to sit on a sandy beach and watch a herd of buffalo, they discussed possible solutions to their problem. The decision turned out to be an attempt to win the Chinese civil war for Chiang Kai-shek and hope the resulting democracy would eliminate the modern Chinese threat.



The result was an even more aggressive Chinese threat which prompted them to plan another trip.



Lex then spoke up in their next meeting to determine the next threat. She suggested an intervention in World War Two. She was convincing enough for the group to buy her idea. They ended up simply dropping in on a British Colonel getting ready for a bombing raid of Berlin, Germany. The Colonel was extremely impressed at the future technology of scanners and joined forces with the time travelers. One raid was enough to pretty much win the war for the Britts, and the time travelers left them with a huge pile of scanners to finish the job.



The next stop was at Pearl Harbor, and Hickam Field. Derek landed there in the same fashion as he did in Britain. The same convincing evidence won the heart and mind of the colonel at Hickam field. He actually went with them to the future and saw the destruction of the Japanese navy. He was duly impressed and returned to his time as a conquering hero.



But the troubles were not over for this group of time travelers. They had to endure many more trips to improve the future before this would be over. Their determination thus earned them the title of Guardians of Time.




Busby, Dan Arthur

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