Hippity Hoppity the White Kangaroo Pulls Santa’s Magic Sleigh


HIPPITY HOPPITY and his lady friend Jumper who was stolen away from her family by a mean man, who she escaped from, with Hippity Hoppity’s help.

HIPPITY HOPPITY helps JUMPER find her family. While there, Santa’s Elf finds them and he tells them that, “Santa has heard how big and strong you are HIPPITY HOPPITY THE WHITE KANGAROO PULLS SANTA’S SLEIGH. And Santa asked me if you would like to pull the new Magic Santa Slay on Christmas Eve? As the six Kangaroos, he used before are now too old.”

Santa’s Elf also tells HIPPITY HOPPITY, “The new ‘Magic Santa Slay’ has so many magical improvements, that Santa, believes that you, HIPPITY HOPPITY could pull it on your own.”

Santa’s Elf shows HIPPITY HOPPITY how the new ‘Magic Santa Slay’ works and goes back to the North Pole to let Santa know that HIPPITY HOPPITY is going to pull his Santa Slay on Christmas Eve.

And said that he would practice with ‘The Magic Santa Slay until Christmas Eve.

Hippity Hoppity at 6pm on Christmas Eve say the magic words; “Ho! Ho! Ho!” And like magic Santa appears on the Magical Santa Slay that was full of presents. And SANTA and HIPPITY HOPPITY deliver the presents to all the good children in Australia.

Hippity Hoppity was found as a baby joey kangaroo, in his dead mother’s pouch, by a very kind mother and daughter.

They took him home, and raised him, hand-fed him in a small suburban backyard.

When he grew too big for the suburban backyard, they drove him to the country and set him free, to find adventures of his own. And is now a full-grown buck kangaroo.

Hippity Hoppity The White Kangaroo Pulls Santa’s Sleigh made lots of animal friends, who help one another, and the birds in the trees warn him of danger.

Hippity Hoppity made a friend, who he helped rescue from a nasty, man. Who stole her (Jumper) who stole her from her mother and father and friends. Grabbing her, and taking her away in his car.

Hippity Hoppity noticed that his new Lady Friend was missing her family and friends, and head off, to try to find them.

After finding them, on their way back. Santa’s Elf them, and hands Hippity Hoppity a letter. Which was addressed to him from Santa Clause, asking him if he would help him at Christmas, and he does.


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Perry, David F R


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