Holographic Human Transformation Theory


Holographic Human Transformation Theory; What part of the airplane makes the airplane fly? It takes every part of the airplane to be able to fly. Doing things right or doing right things what is most important? Doing the right things is the greater choice, we each have different ways of accomplishing the right things. Intelligence is not the things we know, it’s the way we have of knowing things. We all have limitless potential to know all things the key is like our knowing. The inner self should not be a mystery. Know Thy Self (Take the mote out of thine own eye.) Heal Thy Self (Turn your weaknesses into strengths.) Know and Heal Others (Love thy neighbor as thy self.) This book teaches the neurological firing order of every aspect of the self from identity to behaviors, every aspect of our human experience is a program/model in our inner self (subconscious). Holographic Human Transformation Theory teaches the body map of our inner being. With a little practice, anyone can identify almost everything within themselves and others. You cannot change what you do not know. As eternal beings, we are Holographic of all we could be through all eternity. Mankind nor their wisdom have the key to your inner being. The key is already within you. In many ways, man’s wisdom has taken us further from our inner knowing. The spirit surrounds every atom of our physical being and is the substance through which every part of us corresponds with our whole. Holographic Human Transformation Theory teaches you to identify your inner weaknesses and ways to turn them into personal strengths.


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Marvin, Janey



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