Innocence is on her quest to find her Dad in a mystical world. Innocence Valley is a rich singer songwriter who purchases a magical genie lamp from a new age store. The genie inside grants her six wishes per day which is plenty to fulfil her destiny. One wish leads her to another parallel dimension and ultimately on a quest to find her Father who She lost.

Whilst on her quest, she meets two potential soulmates. Who will She choose in the end?

This book is a fiction fantasy adventure romance with romance scenes between the female and male main characters.

E-book: $6.99 Paperback: $10.99




Born in 1986, Nina E Dalin is an author and short story blog writer also known as a singer songwriter called Jeannie Aromea. She gained inspiration for her music stage name Jeannie Aromea from the supporting character’s name in the book Innocence Hidden Valleys.

She’s been writing short stories, kids stories, poetry, and songs since She was a child, and had a poetry book published called Inspirations A Book of Poems in 2013 which received five stars on Amazon.

She also released several songs on 300 plus platforms worldwide. They included You’re My Universe, You’re My Universe (Remix), Under The Waterfall, My Wishing Planet (Fantasy World), Help Me Jean, I Can Fly, Angel Lips, Safe Haven, Memories, Breathe More Nina, I Like To Play With Myself, My Prince From Far Away, and Always On My Mind. Her music and stories are found on


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