When Crossing the Street


Crossing the street is big business, and this adventure will prepare you for anything! There will be tractors and submarines, astronauts and camels. Look left and right, high and low. Can you find every critter and creature, truck and bug before you cross the road? It’s going to be a busy day, but before you know it, it’ll be time to play! When Crossing the Street is inspired by the real-life childhood memories of author Kat Karamitros. A fun-filled read for little ones and grown-ups alike, this journey will keep you on your toes, providing endless possibilities for imaginative minds to keep creating.

E-book: $5.99  Paperback: $10.99 Hardback: $12.99




Kat Karamitros is a 27-year-old United States Marine Corps Veteran, professional musician, and part time actress. When she’s not performing shows or playing in concerts, Kat enjoys Spartan Racing, rollerblading, cooking, and writing. She describes writing as her first love, a passion she maintains alongside service to country. When Crossing the Street is inspired by Kat’s childhood memory, where she recalls she and her uncle composing an outlandish list of characters, vehicles, and creatures to spy on the street. Only when her imagination had been fully satisfied, would she cross the street and walk to the park near her home. Kat originally wrote When Crossing the Street at age 12, for the uncle whose creative mind sparked her own. Kat is a native of Cedar Rapids, Iowa and currently resides in South Carolina with her little dog, Danny Boy.


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