It Never Rained; It Poured


When Valentina suffered premature menopause at the age of 27, she thought that she would never be able to be a mother. That was not to be because her brilliant medic husband, Dr MC Trent, quickly organised an IVF. Valentina was so infertile that no viable egg could be harvested from her ovaries making it necessary to pay an anonymous egg donor. Selma was delivered through this IVF process. Selma had a good upbringing and stable family but chose to lead a wayward life. She did the unthinkable, using all types of illegal street drugs. She later overdosed on marijuana –cookies and suffered drug induced psychosis. When Valentina got wind of Selma’s medical condition, she was heartbroken and got knocked down by a vehicle. Upon hearing of the death of his wife, Dr Trent suffered a massive stroke and became incapacitated. And then the anonymous donor reappeared…

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I’m a Nigerian born author. I migrated out of Nigeria after obtaining a primary medical degree (MBBCH) and went to Botswana and South Africa.
It was my childhood ambition to do three things – read medicine (that is become a practicing medical doctor); read law (that is be called to the Bar as a Lawyer) and write books (that is be a novelist).
Have obtained numerous medical and law degrees, I thank God that I have achieved the three ambitions by the publication of my first novel – “It Never Rained; It Poured”.
It must be stated that the order through which my childhood ambition was realised was not within my control, but was within my control was the will and zeal to keep the candle burning till the aims were realised.


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