Jessica: The Storm Collection


Finding a balance between School and a stable job to be taking care of is different. I plan to pursue my degree and finish but that’s patience. But as of 2022, I’m studying to become an electrician. I have family all over the States. I love my family and my friends. My nieces and nephews will always have my heart. I love my siblings, I wish we could all see each other more. I lost my oldest brother. Life has been crazy. So I write and if I can’t verbally get it out, I write it all down. I love creative writing. When I write I write. Many stories to come. Mostly creative writing I enjoy and that’s what I write mostly about. Love yourself and Love life. Enjoy time because it’s another life after this one. So I don’t say you only live once cause you never know. That’s me. I also have a business Tempting Tempressed Inc. I’m on most social platforms. Order, and I ship!!!!!!!

E-book: $4.99Paperback: $9.99 Hardback: 12.99




I was born and raised on the South side of Thomasville Georgia. I went to Elementary, Middle,& High School in Thomasville Georgia. I graduated from High School Class of 2013, Where I gain the title of the Class President. I also went to College in Thomasville Georgia and graduated in 2017. I stayed in Thomasville up until 2018. I moved to Orlando Florida and started with a couple of jobs. But I fell in love with Power. In Jan.2021 I started going to class to study and get my Journey-Woman Card. It’s basically a license you get when the state gives you a test and you pass to see if you are competent enough. That was a big difference then in Thomasville Georgia, I studied there to become a big lawyer.


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