Life Start To Finish


Why do I seem to have so many problems at this time? What is life all about? Is there any purpose to this earth? Why am I here? Why do I have certain habits, phobias, likes, or dislikes that seem to make me different from others? What am I here to learn? Does what has happened in the past have to rule my future? Do I have to learn to just cope? Is there a God? What happens when I die?

Author Robert Todd seeks to answer these questions and more, offering insights on making your life more enjoyable and effective, achieving your goals, and understanding what is really happening. Through a variety of his and other’s experiences, Todd offers new ideas and methods for solving your problems or answering your questions. He also provides a simple analysis technique intended to clear blockages and enable you to move forward with confidence.


This self-help guide presents journeys of discovery designed to help you reach your own truth by trusting the universe and opening your mind to the power of love. 

KINDLE: $2.99 – PAPERBACK: $9.99 – HARDCOVER: $22.99




Todd, Robert


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