Maelstrom [ed3] The Chronicle of the Ostmen; book one. It is 869 and Ard Mhacha remains the principal meeting place of the ancients. Within a land controlled by clan lords the monks tell its people how to act and what to learn, Mael MacConaill a privilaged young noble disregards the messages of God’s path for him. When the monastery is raided by Ostmen, everything changes. The warlords lead by the power of their warriors. Mael is propelled into the chaos surrounding the Danish invasion of the British kingdoms.

As an outsider in a pagan culture within a foreign country, now as he learns to rely on his resourcefulness in a brutal chaotic realm. Mael sees the world of the Pagan, the traditions, the rites, the sacrifices. He sees how others make sense of their world, their beliefs and the tribal symbols that unify them. The monks brought the message of an eternal afterlife for those who embrace the faith in the one God. Can a Saxon leader show the courage his people need to fight for their home? The battle for the last Saxon kingdom is brought to a teetering threshold of existence by the onslaught of pagan forces.

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As an infant, he immigrated to in the Antipodes with his Scottish and English parents in search of a better life. Disembarking onto the land of opportunity, and into migrant housing in urban
industrial suburbs, he was immersed in that rich mixture of European hopefulness surrounded by Germans, Slavs and the inescapable Brits all vying for jobs in building and manufacturing.
Expectations of a government or professional job were eventually achieved with a posting to a western Victorian school. It was only being posted to that agricultural community that he met an indigenous person. He saw that apprehension on their faces. What is this one going to demand? And what did he and others demand of the people and their land.

Alerted to the environmental impacts of commercial rural industry on the land, Nunn looked at our habitat. What it was expected to provide for its investors, and what it left for the community.
Society demanded timber from the forests and meat from the pastures. The diversity of the native habitat was not seen nor considered a resource. Now he turned to the sea and the impact of trade. Where better to start than the Norsemen’s exploits into other settlements and at clash of worlds. The Mythic Image a term Joseph Campbell made famous is entwined in all societies to give the peoples concepts of themselves and their relationship to their world. It is no coincidence that religion and states revere spiritual images. Ian draws his inspiration from his experiences living and growing in a foreign land with differing cultures. Nunn currently lives in New South Wales, Australia.


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