After forty years of multiple business ventures, Fatima has collected priceless experiences and good memories. She’s open minded, fearless and spunky at the beautiful age of seventy. Friends and family find Fatima to be quite a riot! She releases a contagious laugh and has the magic ability to bring out the very best in everyone she meets. One thing Fatima is sure to leave one with is the great feeling of inspiration.Today, she continues to find fulfillment in writing children’s books, gardening and brainstorming new adventures for the years that lay ahead.

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Born to the African island Nation of Cape Verde, Fatima was eager to take flight and discover the world. She grew up in a one bedroom home with her parents and her nine siblings. Life wasn’t easy, but education remained very important to her, as she knew it would grant her the opportunity to explore and become something bigger than she knew was possible.Fatima earned a biology degree in Brazil at age twenty five. At this time she was living in the midst of a war and even though it would be a challenging journey, she knew that America was where she’d find peace and discover fulfillment. Within a few months she found herself in San Francisco. She had no possessions, no family, and a great language barrier, but Fatima remained fearless and resilient. She found ways to make a living as well as a few great friends. One of these friends was a match maker, and in 1989 Fatima was married and madly in love with a plow boy from Michigan named James. Together they created a family and set out to conquer the world. They were formidable entrepreneurs that would stop at nothing to create an exciting life.


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