My heartfelt thanks to all who have encouraged this publishing. Through the years, my desire was to publish and share with others who may need encouragement. Many poems have been emailed and handed to those in need along the way. As friends and loved ones were in valleys and going through trials, God would give me words of encouragement for them. Every poem was written out of a need someone had that the Lord sent my way. The poems span many years of writing and are from the heart, as the Holy Spirit led. May the words continue to bless and encourage those who read. God has answered so many prayers through the years, and with the publishing of this the poetry, yet another is answered. May God bless each of you.

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I was born March 25, 1943, followed by Stanley Thomas on July 2, 1944, then Jeremiah Jr. on August 18, 1948, to Jeremiah and Ada Lee Schock. I am grateful for a Mother who taught me how to give, and so grateful for a Savior, who taught me how to live. I accepted Jesus at 13, I remember Mom saying, if there is something you want to do, do it now, tomorrow may never come. That faith and philosophy has carried me through life. Mom’s words, as I would tell her something good that had happened were. “See honey, that angel is still on your shoulder. I have watched him work things out for you that would never work for anyone else.” I am more blessed than anyone I know. God made me an encourager and a prayer warrior. Today my only prayer for me is: Lord, help me be what I should be for You, so I can be what I need to be for others.


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