Mystery of Stereotypes: A Guide to Self-Understanding and Empathy


This book coincides with a momentous period of disturbing world events.

While the seeds of hatred, long sprouted, have burgeoned into plump but rotten fruits, we are all looking for answers.

None of us is innocent.

We all contribute in subtle, conscious, and unconscious ways to dilemma of judging others without understanding their perspectives.

Yet, we need not hang our heads in shame.

With a refocusing of our social and personal lenses, we can develop empathy, and come to terms with our better selves.

Mystery of stereotypes takes us through a journey of self-examination, introspection, and reflection to see how we subscribe to beliefs and practices in our everyday lives and how this awareness can help us look in the mirror to improve our daily interactions. This book crafts a tool for understanding the origins, mechanisms, and functions of stereotypes. It then challenges us to dig deeper within ourselves to live more nobly, more honestly, by offering a touchstone for everyone interested in contributing to a harmonious world.

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Dr. Tsahai H. London, speaker-author, was born in Guyana, South America, where she obtained the General Certificate of Education. She completed here undergraduate work at Milligan University Tennessee, receiving a bachelor of science in biology with a minor in chemistry. At Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas, she earned a master of arts in curriculum and instruction. Here doctoral work culminated at the University of Texas at Austin, with a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction. Dr. London was a science administrator and secondary science teacher in New Jersey, Illinois, and Texas.She has traveled extensively. Experiences in here travels have informed here research and insights into stereotypes among various cultures.


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