Pendulum Charts: Contact Your Angelic Team


In 2014, Raven Shamballa awoke from an operation to find she was a full-blown psychic. After years of study as a yoga teacher, psychotherapist and metaphysical practitioner, Raven was told by the heavenly realms, that she had been adjusted. She was told to put all her divination tools down, and from now on she would have a direct connection to her angelic team. Raven was told she would write numerous books in her lifetime about energy healing, divination work and helping others to make a direct contact with the heavenly realms. In the book “3 Pendulum Languages”, Raven shares her knowledge on how she engaged her angelic team using the pendulum. Raven used the pendulum for eight years, prior to the operation. In this book, Raven shares her knowledge on how to hold conversations with your spirit guides using the pendulum to communicate. Raven lives in Southern California, where she works as an energy healer, psychic and psychotherapist. She continues to write books, lead meditation, and expand the content of this work in-person and on-line. For more information see her website Search Raven Lightbody on Facebook. Search ravanshamballalightbody on Instagram.

Raven grew up as Monica Kelly in Clovis, CA. Her parents were immigrants. Her mom was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and her father was born in Calcutta, India. After her father was converted at a Billy Graham crusade, her father decided to become a Christian minister in America. Raven grew up within a strong Christian faith. In college, Raven decided to practice hatha yoga to explore her Indian heritage. During this time she lived in a yoga community which introduced her to meditation, Kriya yoga and Raja Yoga. She returned to Fresno, CA, for graduate school. She graduated as a Marriage and Family Therapist at California State University Fresno in 2008.  After graduation she discovered energy work, spiritual hypnosis and past life regression.

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Raven Shamballa is a Master Energy Healer, a spiritual counselor and a senior yoga teacher for over 25 years. She holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling and is a Marriage and Family Therapist. She is specialized in clearing negative energies out of the chakra system during deep trance meditation. She considers herself to be a modern day spiritual teacher and professional channel to the unseen realms. Raven gives psychic readings which include understanding your soulful age, contacting your angelic team, and finding your life purpose. Raven is a medium who crosses souls over and can contact departed loved ones. Raven works as a spiritual counselor and energy healer to release trauma and aligned one to love, light and joy. Raven works with yoga teachers and energy healers to advance their practice and psychic development.


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