Physics of Closed Systems: Addictions


A Closed system is an addictive system whose boundaries deny, refuse, and repress the growth of the True Self. An Open System’s boundaries represent the True Self and assist the self in continual growth and development. Open systems grow from feedback from the environment and a closed system becomes victim to the environment’s feedback. Gain an understanding of the Second Law of Thermodynamics and apply physics principles and laws to simple ways of helping yourself change your environment and grow from your life experiences. Habits form naturally in nature and life is about continuous change. Stability causes human beings not to progress, patterns keep us captive whether they be thought patterns, emotional or physical habits, or patterns. Learn the physics of habit, patterns, and addictions of any kind. Identity level change is a new way of looking at life’s anomalies, The environment, life, neighbors, family, work, and strangers are not here to challenge you. Every challenge, whether similar, chaotic, or randomness disorder, serves a specific purpose for your growth. You draw these anomalies to you by denying, refusing, and repressing your unlimited potential. Learn the physics laws and principles to identify the level of the anomaly, recognize the sensory data drawing the anomaly, and the sensory aspects within the self the anomaly has been drawn to help.


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