Physics of Correspondence Wholeness


Physics of Correspondence is about bridging all the oppositions of life.

Right and wrong. God and self. Life and death.

Every part of our being and the life we create by our being is holographic of all we have ever been and all we can ever become.

Being leads to having. Just be all you can be and enjoy all your being has to freely give you.

Totalities consist of three separate elements and each element is associated with two associated human senses.

The element’s of each totality aligns with the associated human sense and is holographically aligned with the aspects of each of these human senses.

Creating an algorithm of the elements from the different totalities associated with the sensory data allows for the data whether

associated or opposite to bridge together and as a quantum bridging of major and minor challenges, anomalies, frailties, sympathies, strengths, uncertainties, doubts, and limiting beliefs involved with being human.

This book includes algorithms in the form of just a questioning process technique to bridge quantum and challenges and well as a

process you can walk through while just thinking of the algorithm being read to you as you walk the symbol of the human being and the sensory data map with both the flat map and the dimensional map.


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Marvin, Janey


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