Physics of Entropy: Success


Success as defined in physics is referred to as the Entropy cycle. This cycle, is considered to be natural to the way life and growth on the earth works. Everything has it’s opposite and negentropy is opposite to entropy. The entropy cycle is simple terms talks about “what goes up must come down”. We, as human beings are of the greatest intelligence of any known being. Artificial intelligence has tried to duplicate the power of the human mind and as of now, has not been able to duplicate the power of the human mind. The key point of the human brain is that is can constantly learn and grow and develop based upon each and all life input, data, and experience. As human beings, “what goes up must come down” is not true. As human beings what goes up and continue to go up and up and up and grow and learn and develop and continue. Interesting fact is that the only real difference between success and failure is, success learns and how’s from life’s feedbacks, anomalies, struggles, problems, call them what you choose. Successful people discover the purpose of the life’s challenge, the anomalies in the environment and discovers the frailties, sympathies, and strengths within selves the challenges, anomalies are representing and successful learn and grow from life’s challenges. Unsuccessful people interpret life’s challenges, anomalies, as making then doubt themselves, be uncertain of the abilities and limits their beliefs about themselves and their life. Along with the way the subconscious part of the human brain works, the physics of the entropy and neg entropy cycle helps you specifically identify the sensory data used to create the challenges, anomalies along with the opposite sensory data’s, able to use the data already in its file to grow and learn and become even more intelligent as an individual just from the life’s challenges, anomalies facing them from their environment. This book, as her other books are filled with simple to do processes of questionings, simple walking processes and patterns to help address the anomalies and integrate them into their true self strengths.


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Marvin, Janey


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