Powerful Confessions to Renew Your Mind: Based on Eight Revelations of the Character of God


This book will help you to change your thinking! Our minds are so critical to what our lives become, but there is a battle going on. There are other forces that want to capture your heart and mind; however, God has shown us the way to be victorious in that battle and it is when we are transformed by renewing of our minds. This book will help you to do just that so you can think and see yourself as God sees you. It is based on eight revelations of the character of God in the Bible.

E-book: $ 4.99 Paperback: $ 8.99




-Philip Evans is a graduate of the University of Manchester where he studied civil engineering. After graduating from univer- sity he worked with Operation Mobilization in Spain and
Israel. Philip also has an M.A. from ForMission College of Theology and York St. John University. Together with his wife Margaret they have led the work at Oasis Church, Anglesey since 1992 and have ministered in the USA, Europe, Africa and Asia. Over the years they have been privileged to see thousands come to Christ, healing mir- acles and believers experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit. They have also helped with the training of leaders and church planting in Nepal. Margaret has taught the Bible Explorer program to hundreds of school children throughout Anglesey, has led many school assemblies in local schools and is a popular speaker at “Women’s Aglow” meetings.


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