RAH’MI The Origin Of Man


Man has looked out into the universe at the billions of stars calling it the heavens of God and down into the earth calling it the Hell of Satan. But the question remains in the hearts of man, how did we get here and where did we come from? Archaeologist Dana Woods and Kenneth Pierce searched the world for lost artifacts and treasures. The treasures they found in the jungles of Africa uncovers the truth and history of the Origin of man. What they found had laid dormant for millions of years, deep within the earth. In spite of all the warnings the government. opened the door and what came out of the container was more than people on earth were ready for and each day it walked the earth and the earth became more of a living Hell.

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JAMES EARL PIERCE born January, 3 1956 Wife CARLETTA D. PIERCE, I was born in Fort Worth Texas.

Mother Stella Cooks, Father James D. Walker.


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