Reenactment of a Killer and Serial Rapist


A convicted murderer, released twice on licence despite being described as “evil and dangerous”, has been jailed for life… again. This time, Mark Shirley will have to serve a minimum of nine years behind bars before being eligible for parole after being convicted of sexually brutalising a Bristol mother-of-five. But his latest victim, Helen Stockford – who bravely waived her right to lifelong anonymity to speak out about her ordeal – said “justice has not been done”. She questioned why he was allowed out on license after he murdered a woman in Cardiff. Last month, Shirley was convicted of attacking Helen in an incident which echoed the ritualised rape and murder of 67-year-old widow for which he was jailed for life in 1987.

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My name is Helen Stockford, my h u s b a n d and I have been married for fifteen year’s. We have known each other for twenty o n e years, we have five children three boys and two girls. We have always had a happy marriage up and down’s like most people. But our family life is normally good. My two older sons have left school, my two daughters are at high school, and my younger son is still at primary school. I have always been a house wife, Richard has always worked he is a builder. Every day would be the same routine ,where i would start the day with getting the kids ready for school, rushing to get my husband of to work, with a quick kiss telling him j would see him tonight. He w o u l d always say i love you telling me to ring him if I get the chance through the day. I would take the children to school, come back home h a v e myself a coffee. Feed my animals and then I would start my day with cleaning the house from top to bottom. This w o u l d take most of my time during the day, I would then prepare the food ready for the evening meal. Some women would say this life was boring but when you love your family as much as me you would understand how happy and full field my life was.


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