Body Of History


“It is in experiencing all that LIFE isn’t; that you will understand all that LIFE is.”

It is in accepting all the agonizing pain, the world has to offer,that you will come to understand the ultimate joy that Nirvana has to offer.

In this the third book in a collection from Qualified Hypnotherapist, and Reincarnational Continuum Analyst, Gay Le, who explains how to understand true equality, self-empowerment and self-love. In this part of her series on the development of our reincarnational paths, she reveals the reasons for our paths of ongoing immortalised maladies.

By simply asking, praying, feeling, judging, you are doubting and you will receive what you truly ask for .In receiving you will experience the Karmic effect of all your emotional perceptions in opposite and equal value.In this book Gay Le takes you to the next level.

In this book she reveals how your ongoing karmic balancing act is physically re-experienced daily over and over again at the same time, the same age and with the same impact in every existence. By reacting we maintain the momentum in an ongoing time loop of continued yin and yang, forever upgrading, expanding and evolving. When we get it right, and we no longer have the need return to earth because some emotional debris is controlling our lives; our slates are clean and we want to start again.

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Le, Gay


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