Steve’s Squaddies


Liverpudlian Tommy Jacksons life is complicated. He lost a leg fighting in Afghanistan, and has only a few weeks of rehab at Headley Court before he gets married. Frances, his girlfriend, back in Liverpool, is heavily pregnant and doesnt know if the baby will arrive before the wedding. Her father is far from happy with her choice of mate.Steve Chalmers is a marine invalided out of the Service who runs the club Steves Squaddies of which Tommy was a founder member. His recruits are delinquents or youngsters whose home circumstances have caused social problems. They are rehabilitated into society by doing community work in exchange for training in self defence. 

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The author is a retired Physician and Gastrenterologist born and bred in Glasgow but now living with his wife in Liverpool. An interest in the medical application of lasers led him to the Department of Engineering at the University of Liverpool where he became a Visiting Professor.


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