Steve’s Squaddies: Marching to Another Tune ( Book 1 )


The story is set in Wavertree, a relatively poor area in Liverpool. Steve Chalmers, the Scottish hero, is a broken man. Injured in Iraq, he is invalided out of the Marines and thinks life holds no further prospects for him. His elderly mother with whom he lives finds it difficult to cope. A chance confrontation with gang leader Tommy results in the establishment of an unlikely friendship which will change both their lives.

In spite of a serious leg injury, Steve retains his self defense skills. As he teaches Tommy the main elements of self defense, his own confidence begins to return. He insists that the training must run in tandem with some input into the community. When the other gang members are brought into the scheme, the Squaddies are formed with the aim of converting delinquent and problem youngsters into useful citizens. A charity is formed with help from sponsors and the City Council and Steve interacts with various members of the trustees. Recruitment to the club has its ups and downs, but Steve insists in disciplined behavior. A clash with a local gang lets some members of the Squaddies to put their training to good use. The marine’s confidence is boosted when he is fitted with special shoes and trainers to compensate for the shortening of his injured leg. He is then able to expand the activities of the club members.

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The author is a retired Physician and Gastrenterologist born and bred in Glasgow but now living with his wife in Liverpool. An interest in the medical application of lasers led him to the Department of Engineering at the University of Liverpool where he became a Visiting Professor.


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