Steve’s Squaddies


Liverpudlian Tommy Jacksons life has its ups and downs. He is being rehabilitated in Headley Court after losing a leg in Afghanistan and shares his hospital room with double amputee Jimbo and blind Cammy, all injured in combat. Tommy was recently married and has a baby daughter, but he is soon to be discharged from the Rifles and left to find his own way in life. He has no job to go to, and his young family is in danger of outstaying their welcome at his in-laws small house.Steve Chalmers is an ex-marine, invalided out of the service after serious injuries to his leg. His club, Steves Squaddies, of which Tommy was a founding member, takes on difficult youngsters to teach them self-defense, on condition that they make some contribution to the local community. Murphy, thug leader of the eponymous Pipe Band because of their use of copper pipes to instill fear in the population of Wavertree, is Steves sworn enemy and has promised to destroy the club and all it stands for. Will Murphy succeed in disrupting Steves newfound family life and his visionary work with the youngsters he mentors?

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