The 15 Titles of God Hidden in the Lord’s Prayer


Revolutionary! Transformational! Perhaps the most common prayer prayed every day by Christians is the Lord’s Prayer. Right from childhood, we learn how to pray the Lord’s Prayer. However, many fail to access the wealth of the riches hidden in that prayer. In this groundbreaking new book, The 15 Titles of God Hidden in the Lord’s Prayer, author and apostolic teacher Dr. Maxwell Ubah peels back the layers of the Lord’s Prayer to reveal the hidden nature and character of God. You will discover:• The hidden mystery of our adoption in the Lord’s Prayer.

• The hidden role of the name of Jesus in the Lord’s Prayer.

• A progressive revelation of the person of God.

• A progressive revelation of our Christian journey.

• How the Lord’s Prayer covers every need of ours.

• How praying the Lord’s Prayer with understanding will revolutionize your life. This book is more than a book on prayer; it is a book about intimacy with the Father. In this book, Dr. Ubah writes that “real prayer begins with knowing God as Father.” It is the reason Jesus began the Lord’s prayer with “Our Father.” Read this book to know God intimately and watch your prayer life transform with tangible results.

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Dr. Maxwell Ubah is an apostolic-teacher whose call is to reveal the redemptive mandate of God in Christ Jesus. A product of grace, Dr. Ubah is a medical doctor and a graduate of the London Business School’s Sloan Fellows programme in leadership and strategy. He is the pastor of The Leadership Church, House of Rest International. He is a leadership coach and an organizational transformation consultant to many organizations in Nigeria and across Africa.

Dr. Ubah has written and published the following books: The Amazing Scandals of Grace A Yes God: God’s Heart Concerning Your Needs Amazing—He Loved Me This Much (an exposition on John 3:16—free e-book) Leadership and Personal Effectiveness Books Seven Great Life Lessons: Powerful Strategies for Reaching Your Goals The Difference—What Successful People Know and Do That Ordinary People Do Not The Alphabet of Leadership: The A–Z of Improving Your Leadership Effectiveness The 5 Fundamental Principles of Work—Lessons from the Garden of Eden


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