The Dichotic Dilemma the Fabric of Life


The Dichotic Dilemma is an exploration of life through the poetry and prose of a  young man of African descent trying to figure out the complex world he was born into. In the book, Raleigh Chiwuta analyses his own poems which he wrote over a period of time of deep contemplation trying to figure out the world and what life meant to him. His discovery and conclusion was this idea of the Dichotic  dilemma which is the central concept and title of the book.

A concept which helped him find peace in his life and mind from the angst and indignation he felt from the issues of racism, war, injustice and the sheer difficulty at times of being a human being. Raleigh Chiwuta hopes that through his own journey, readers can find peace in their own lives.

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Raleigh Chiwuta is a man originally born in Zimbabwe who has been living in the United Kingdom since he moved her at the age of 16. This experience gave him an insight and understanding into how the world occurred for him as an African as opposed to someone from the west. Raleigh Chiwuta always had a deep curiosity about the world having been born into a former British colony and he was always fascinated by this and what it meant for him and the world. Raleigh Chiwuta has a positive message for the world and ultimately this is best expressed in his writing.


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