The Family Wheel


The Willis Wheat Farm is located at Emerald in Outback Queensland Australia.

On the front gate boasts a large Wagon Wheel. Each spoke in the Family Wheel represented a working member of the Willis family. 

Which had been the case for many generations?

Mrs Mary Willis, found after her husband passed away, that she was getting too old to cope. So at a meeting she handed the farm over to her eldest son John Willis and his family.

A savage drought had a devastating effect on the farm. Combined with the youngest boy Tommie’s refusal to be a Spoke on the Family Wheel, who just played games, day and night on his computer while the older children helped on the farm.

As no money was coming in, the power was cut off to the farm.

Farmer John’s mother makes an unexpected visit to the farm, where she lived and worked most of her life, changed things around with the family and the farm…

KINDLE: $3.99 – PAPERBACK: $4.99




Perry, David F R


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