The Fly on the Wall


However, as all young adults do, I left the horses, pigs and
chickens behind and spent the next thirty years seeking
knowledge through life-long educational opportunities that would
ultimately allow me to follow the passion of teaching young minds
to be confident independent thinkers, while pursuing my dream of
writing books designed to help children with challenging struggles
or igniting an interest in normally unlovable, pesky insects like
‘The Fly on the Wall.’

E-book: $ 5.99 Paperback: $ 10.99




Spending my adolescent years on a working farm, I helped
my father train the horses he rescued from abusive situations. It
was a wonderful time spent with a brave cowboy. I suppose this
second book, I am delighted to have been given the words to
write, was inspired by the constant pestering I received as a youth
on the farm by ‘the flies on the walls!’


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