The Journey Through Four Seasons Of Life


This is a success story about the journey of life of a village boy from a poor big family. The three stages of life are classified as the learning stage, working phase and yearning or retiring stage. These three stages of his life can be compared to the four seasons. The book has seven chapters. The first chapter consists of the authors general philosophy of life, his habits of meditation, his drill strategy to enhance skills of his game, basketball, his secrets of his study strategy, his discoveries of his talents as a writer, investor and entrepreneur, his financial planning, his family achievements and his super physical health. The second chapter provides the necessary ingredients, information and knowledge that help him in building his financial security. It gives a full description of his strategies building many linear incomes as well as residual income. All these efforts make him a wealthy man. The third chapter is full of information and knowledge to help him living a healthy and fulfilled life. They are plenty examples of life-style for anyone who cares to live healthily. The fourth chapter gives a full description of his three stages of life including his family history, his struggle from birth to fifteen years old. The experiences of a terrible childhood and child labor. This is comparable to the winter season of his life. His spring season of life begins when his sister gave him the opportunity to study secondary school in the city of Penang. He made full use of the period moving from secondary school to teacher training college and the university. His interest in his game propels him to be a basketball star player. Chapter five gives an account of his working life.

After graduating from the university, he begins his summer season of his life. His chosen career as a professional teacher becomes his calling and he makes full use of available talents in writing to secure his financial security. His motivation, experiences and contribution give him an edge and he moves up the ladder of success. He was not only a successful mathematics teacher and an excellent administrator as his school principal; he is also a successful writer, investor and entrepreneur, making him a wealthy man. At the age of fifty-one, he accomplished his mission seeing all his projects completed, he took his optional retirement. He left for Australia to pursue his doctoral study. Chapter six gives an account of the autumn season of his life. He continues to write, invest and learn. He keeps fit and continues playing his game, tennis. He keeps fit and enjoys his retirement. Chapter seven tells a new story. He embarks on a new adventure called Quantum Jumping. He provides many successful quantum jumps to heal his headache, to learn new concept, to achieve new abundance, wealth, to gain happiness, to increase his excitement in happy marriage, and finally acquiring joy of his life. The journey is well-travelled.


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Wong, Sin Mong


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