The Joyful Gospel Of Christ


The Bible can be very difficult to understand and thus

here is the first volume of The Gospel of Christ Series.

The Joyful Gospel of Christ. Enjoy The Bible like never

before with detailed images showing how God came into

the world as The Savior, Jesus Christ.

Every step has been taken to ensure that it is both

and scripturally accurate. The Bible truly is the

most miraculous book ever held in human hands.

Although written for lay people, this book is written so

that even the most academic will not be disappointed.

The Tetralogy Series is a Spiritual Journey through the

Joyfulintroduction of Christ The King into the world, His

Luminous Ministry to the people, His Sorrowful Passion

and His Glorious Ressurection. Jesus took on this role for

the salvation of humanity and I pray that this work will

bring you, the reader, ever closer to Him.

With Illustration provided by Todd L. Thomas, this is a

must-have for all Christians and those considering giving

their lives to God, our Creator.

-Z. Schertz

KINDLE: $3.99 – PAPERBACK: $4.27 – HARDCOVER: $11.02




Schertz, Zachary


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