The Rock n Roll Singers


Deke Rivers can’t help that he’s a hit with the ladies- he is a charismatic lead singer of the Cromatics. Tempers flare up when a rival band Pazzaz show up to perform at the same venue and they compete not only for music popularity but the girls as well. Witty, timeless dialogue brings the conclusion to a surprising and entertaining finish.

E-book: $4.99  Paperback: $9.99




I’m Jermaine R. Morton from Newark Jersey, I am a published author who wrote my first book The Rock n Roll Singers. I currently work as a bus driver for the last 23 years. I have been writing for the past 40 years. I have written a stage play that was produced in Brooklyn New York back in 2010 titled Being Too Much Into Your Self The Story of a Teenage Drama Queen. I do enjoy music, cooking and sports.


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