The Strength In Numbers: The Fundamentals of Mathematics and Statistics Revised Edition


This book is a summary of mathematical and statistical fundamentals, and is written for those people that need to use and understand basic statistical and mathematical methods in their work or studies. Many students at the college level need to have a good understanding of and some capability with basic mathematics and statistics and may seek something like this that can serve as an informal textbook and supplemental reading. The book is organized into three main parts: Math Fundamentals, Probability Fundamentals, and Statistics Fundamentals. In the math part, there are chapters on logic, set and number theory, algebra and geometry, and the fundamentals of trigonometry and the single variable calculus.

In the probability part, there are chapters on combinatorics and probability, random variables, probability distributions and their parameters. In the statistics part, there are chapters on simple random samples and some common statistics, the law of large numbers, many common probability distributions, the normal distribution and its relation to the Central Limit Theorem, the basics of small and large sample statistical inference involving hypothesis testing and confidence interval estimation, and an introduction to linear regression and the associated idea of correlation. The reader has been supplied with many exercises, along with the answers in an appendix. These should help to reinforce the basic ideas for the reader as they proceed through the book. It should be noted that there is a significant amount of the book devoted to the single variable calculus, since its is important for many students of technical subjects. However, the last two parts of the book devoted to probability and statistics are presented in an entirely algebraic way and do not involve calculus. This should not lessen the books usefulness for most readers.

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TIMOTHY C KEARNS was born in Arlington, Va. and has spent most of his life in Northern Va. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree (with honors) from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VPI & SU), in Blacksburg, Va. in June of 1983. His major was in statistics, with a minor mathematics. he earned an additional Associate in Science degree from Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC), in Annandale, Va. in December of 1998. His concentration at NVCC was in general studies. “At these two colleges, his coursework consisted primarily of mathematics and statistics courses, but included additional coursework in many areas of application, including the physical and social sciences, computer science and engineering.

After graduating from college in 1983, most of his attention has focused on teaching and tutoring mathematics and statistics to middle school, high school, and college students. This included many students doing research at the graduate level. At VPI & SU, he was inducted into the national mathematics honor fraternity Pi Mu Epsilon and the national statistics honor fraternity Mu Sigma Rho. He has been a lifelong scholar, cultivating expertise in theoretical and applied mathematics, along with considerable knowledge of statistics. This book should provide an excellent resource for students of the mathematical sciences.”


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