The Wizard’s Mistake


“Writing is a passion and I write about the hundreds of wild worlds that reside in my head. Each novel I create is a doorway into the strange and fantastical lands of my subconscious. Come, stay awhile and listen to my tales.”

A former kindergarten teacher and avid lover of written works, Daniel lives in Pennsylvania with his daughter and writes tales of fantasy and science fiction. His favorite authors are Roger Zelazny and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Daniel is a lifelong nerd of the gaming, roleplaying, anime-watching, novel reading variety. He has wanted to be an author all his life, but never felt the confidence to try. He never took that first step out into the unknown- until now.

Daniel has been a single father for 15 years of his daughter’s 18 years on this planet, the sole provider and supporter. She created the cover art for “The Wizard’s Mistake” and “City of Eld”. Daniel has watched her grow into an accomplished, creative, and amazing young woman suffering the same insecurities that her friends do. Where do they belong? What do they do to find their place?

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Daniel is a 16 year educator, earning an associate’s degree in Education in the Early Years. He’s worked with children 2-12 years old over the years in a private education and child care center watching young learners come in uninspired and leave with a zest for learning and stars in their eyes. They read chapter books every summer and he realized that, despite what public school educators say, the classic formats of literature hold sway to this day.

While Daniel’s books are written for the Young Adult genre, nothing Daniel writes will be controversially “woke.” He does not believe in that culture and though he does have characters and concepts that feature aspects of it, they are written with morality in mind.


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