“Thoughts: Family & Love”


“Thoughts: Family & Love” is a passionate Christian book carved out from the author’s first book, Thoughts with dressing into a bundle. The bundle holds:

 “Thoughts: Family & Love”

“Thoughts: Faith, Life & Lifestyle”

“Thoughts: Mind & Mindset”

The series has come with the face of the society with reflection into the importance of value, values and a value added life with the family as a core.

The series are not meant to judge an individual or family but to challenge all individuals for a reflection and change into their higher calling and into a real total freedom.

With hope that every night is turned into day

That as you turn your night into day that you use it as a chain reaction to influence others through your gifting of speaking, drama, singing, debate, etc.

A platform for classrooms to stabilise mind and mindset as education is achieved with the poems as another layer of support to unlearn, learn and relearn.

E-book: $7.99 Paperback: $15.99




The author is a woman of faith with the idea and plan that the poems dedicated and presented in “Thoughts” bundle will not only entertain you but help open your eyes into a discovery to see you and metamorphosis you into your new. A pedagogy of development into your ‘you’ even if the change is not that comfortable. Lady Shola is a social worker and teacher by profession with passion for writing Christian poetry thou as an amateur. She loves her family and dot at the vital importance of ‘the family’. She wears different hats with an Increased knowledge of writing poems included.


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