Uncle Bob’s Marshmallow Pig Roast


All the children love to go to their Uncle Bob’s house every Friday night to hear him tell ghost stories around his fire pit.

One night when Uncle Bob decides to host a marshmallow pig roast, the kids are excited, even when though they have no idea what a marshmallow pig roast is! After Uncle Bob carves big marshmallows into pigs to roast on a stick in the fire pit, he begins telling chilling tales of monsters and aliens, ghouls, and ghosts that lurk in the darkness. Even though the stories are scary, they also help make lasting memories for all the children as they listen intently and learn how to use their own imaginations.

In this fun tale, an uncle tells entertaining ghost stories around the fire pit to a group of enraptured children.

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Robert Ethier’s interest in writing began in 2004 while he was investigating and compiling real-life accounts involving the paranormal. Since the completion of his first book, Angels to Aliens, in 2007, he shifted his focus to producing and writing children’s books inspired by his own grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. When not working full time for the public health department, he enjoys wood carving and the time he spends with family and friends.

Amanda Grondin studied illustration at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. In addition to being a naturalist painter and avid gardener, she finds great joy in drawing from her imagination. She is inspired by creatures of myth and legend as well as unexplained phenomena.


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